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Morgan Rose is a boutique litigation law firm based at Holborn Gate, close to Chancery Lane in London. Our specialist legal services cover commercial litigation; complex and high-value fraud; property litigation; tax tribunals; insolvency, regulatory investigations and criminal defence. We bring a rare blend of commercial, civil and criminal litigation expertise to provide a seamless, supportive and effective service to our clients.

A strong track record of success

We understand that clients require clear and definitive advice from their lawyers. We also recognise that clients deserve complete commitment to them and the resolution of the legal issue they confront. Our lawyers are a team of talented, experienced people who are dedicated to upholding these principles. Importantly, the Morgan Rose legal team has a strong track record of resolving cases before they come to trial – and an impressive success rate when they do.

Quality through collaboration

Quality is the cornerstone of our mission at Morgan Rose, and we seek to provide legal services of the highest possible quality by dedicating our professional training, knowledge, skills and experience to the needs of our clients. A key part of this lies in our size and collaborative approach; we understand each other’s cases and encourage frequent discussion and knowledge sharing. Our open and collaborative approach helps us identify the best techniques to resolve our clients’ disputes.



A law firm with commercial, civil and criminal litigation expertise

Morgan Rose is one of only a handful of law firms to have represented clients on both civil and criminal defence matters in the Supreme Court. Our forensic approach means we have an excellent track record of success for our clients at all stages of the court process, but we are also sensible and skilled negotiators which means we regularly secure early settlements and resolutions on behalf of our clients.

A supportive approach to tackling the thorniest of legal problems

Many of the legal cases we handle at Morgan Rose are high value and complex matters, with significant implications for the individual involved. Our lawyers are skilled in providing a calm, detailed and supportive approach from instruction through to resolution. This quality of client experience has been vital to our long-term success; clients tell us that they choose Morgan Rose for our clear and definitive advice and complete commitment to  helping them to resolve their legal issues.

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