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Tim is an assistant solicitor who specialises in civil litigation, civil recovery and commercial litigation, direct and indirect tax disputes, contentious insolvency, dispute resolution, asset tracing and recovery, freezing orders and professional negligence claims.   Tim’s practice areas include civil and commercial fraud claims, insolvency claims, bankruptcy, tax disputes with HM Revenue & Customs (both for companies and individuals) and the full spectrum of general commercial disputes. He also deals with claims on behalf of companies involved in disputes with insurance companies.
 In addition to his commercial and civil practice, he also has expertise acting for individuals and companies restrained or subject to Management Receivership Orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.  As part of his tax litigation practice, he also frequently represents clients before the Finance & Tax Tribunal, County Court and High Court. Tim has extensive experience in Tax Tribunal Appeals. He combines a thorough knowledge of the law with a practical and pragmatic approach to resolving disputes.  Clients appreciate Tim’s clear and concise explanations of their legal position and his ability to break down a complex legal problem and make it easily understood.  


Qualifications: BSc; PGdL; LPC

Associations and Memberships

London Solicitors Litigation Association (LSLA)
Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association (POCLA)

Recent Examples of Work
Acting for a taxpayer in a claim brought by HM Revenue & Customs for undeclared income tax and penalties totalling in excess of £1 million.
Acting for the Claimant in a claim for negligence against a professional for failing to give proper advice on a commercial transaction featuring a share sale and purchase and secured loans causing loss to the claimant totalling in excess of £1 million.
Acting for the Defendant in a multi-million dollar multi-jurisdiction Freezing Order before the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice arising out of a Claim made by an Oil & Gas exploration company.
Acting for an offshore company Claimant in a claim against a London listed Plc. in respect of commercial commodity rights in Africa.
Acting for a Defendant in a Claim for Civil Recovery by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) under Part 5 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Tim can be contacted by email at timpeun@morgan-rose.com

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