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Tax Tribunal Appeals
Our lawyers specialise in cases brought before the Finance & Tax Tribunal, both at First and Upper Tier, in company and personal matters.  Our Tax Litigation practice coves everything from relatively non-contentious matters advising clients as to the proper VAT rate applicable to their goods or services, to highly contentious cases brought by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) against parties suspected of major tax avoidance and/or evasion.    

We have represented a broad range of corporate clients, many in the sectors concerning CPU and mobile telephone trading where HMRC has declined to pay VAT claimed by a registered Trader.

We also frequently advise and assist clients in tax disputes ranging from discovery assessments raised against individuals for under declaration of tax, to company tax assessments for under declaration of VAT, claims for overpayment of VAT, or disputes as to the proper tax treatment and rating of business supplies.
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