Police investigation into alleged historic sexual abuse dropped

Senior Morgan Rose lawyer, Gary Lesin-Davis acted for a high profile member of a religious community facing potential ruin after allegations of historic sexual abuse were made against him, dating from a decade earlier.  The allegations were vehemently denied by our client.  Gary Lesin-Davis presented evidence which he had gathered independent of the police investigation when the Crown Prosecution Service came to decide whether our client would be prosecuted.   A decision was taken not to prosecute in view of all of the evidence and the case was dropped. 
Dealing with investigations of this nature pose enormous challenges for the lawyers and client in pursuing a pro-active response to the allegations at the earliest stage with a view to a decision not to charge being reached in those cases where it can be demonstrated that they do not meet the relevant charging standard.    Clients instruct us in the knowledge that the utmost sensitivity of such matters requires the most delicate and expert handling at all times.  Once an individual has been charged and particularly those with previously impeccable reputations, there is inevitably the concern that the accused's reputation will be forever tarnished irrespective of whether a trial results in acquittal. 

Gary Lesin-Davis can be contacted at gld@morgan-rose.com.
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