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Gary has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex fraud and criminal cases  Over the last 27 years Gary has defended in some of the most high profile fraud cases prosecuted.
He has particular expertise and experience in acting for clients in a very wide range of fraud and serious criminal investigations. He represents clients who are under investigation by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs and the Serious Fraud Office. Clients represented by Gary have included professionals in many areas including solicitors, accountants, dentists and company directors. He has significant experience in dealing with matters in other jurisdictions including in the USA; Washington DC, the states of Florida, California and Delaware and in Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Latvia and Australia.

Gary has also represented a number of clients nationwide with significant community profiles charged with serious and sensitive offences requiring the utmost discretion and care.
Gary has worked extensively on matters including international money laundering, contract procurement fraud, regulatory work, fraud from various public bodies, conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud, direct income tax fraud and indirect VAT fraud, internet and computer misuse, copyright infringement and fraud. Gary’s extensive understanding of the confiscation and proceeds of crime regime are key to the experience he brings to a case.
Gary was admitted as a solicitor in 1986 and as a Higher Courts Criminal Advocate in 1999. Gary is accredited as a complex crime and fraud supervisor by the Legal Services Commission.
Gary’s professional approach to case strategy and preparation ensures that the client has the confidence that he or she is in trusted hands from the very start of the case. Gary believes that clients prefer that their cases are handled by experienced lawyers and is committed to ensuring that his clients feel at ease that their case is being prepared with care.


Associations and Memberships

The Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association

The London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association

Recent Examples of Work

Operation Compost HM Revenue and Customs prosecution of 12 Defendants in relation to offences of conspiracy to evade the duty on diesel fuel, the fraudulent evasion of VAT and money laundering. Defendant acquitted of all charges after a ten week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.
Revenue Cheat prosecution by HM Revenue and Customs at St Albans Crown Court of an accountant charged in relation to fraudulent repayments of tax exceeding £1m. The investigation involved looking into the financial affairs of up to 2000 clients and acting in the subsequent confiscation proceedings to achieve a favourable result for the client.
'The Millennium Dome Fraud.' Large scale conspiracy to defraud, contract procurement fraud and international money laundering at the Millennium Dome. Further allegations of public sector allegations of corruption, namely the offer to award a contract for money. Investigations in Florida, Spain, Latvia and Switzerland Defendant acquitted after a three month trial at Southwark Crown Court.
'Operation Blossom' Global Software Piracy on a massive scale. First case prosecuted by the (then) National Hi Tech Crime Unit based in Docklands. Case involved a 'warez' group 'DrinkOrDie' whose hierarchy caused a vast amount of software to have its privacy protections 'cracked', including Microsoft Windows, and placed on a website so that group members and others could use these products for free. 100+ arrests were executed worldwide co-ordinated by the US Department of Justice. Gary was asked to advise and assist a Defendant in respect of foreign jurisdiction inquiries in various US jurisdictions and in Australia.
'Operation Granada' PAYE/Gift Aid fraud on HMRC as well as allegation of theft of £1million + from a children's charity designed to assist children with brain damage. The matter proceeded to a contested trial and confiscation proceedings at Manchester Crown Court. Prosecution sought a "Benefit" figure in excess of £1million. Successfully argued for a nil benefit in respect of the Defendant's admitted role in respect of the PAYE fraud and restricted her benefit to a fraction of the figure sought by the Crown.
“Operation Troubadour” representing one of six defendants at Stafford Crown Court (Including three large corporate defendants) charged with offences under Health and Safety and other sundry legislation following a double fatality on the railways. 8 week trial secured acquittal on the primary imprisonable charge; in respect of the less serious charge on which the defendant was convicted he received a very modest financial penalty.


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