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We are a leading firm defending in all types of traditional serious fraud matters including banking fraud, insurance fraud, investment fraud, commercial mortgage fraud, benefit fraud, advance fee, Ponzi schemes, contract procurement and illegal share selling.   We have a long track record of advising during investigations and defending prosecutions for complex tax fraud including VAT fraud, Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) fraud, Land Banking and cheating the Revenue in a diverse range of matters from British Film Scheme investment to Landfill Tax Credits. 
Many of the fraud cases we act in have prevalent international elements, including international money laundering and require awareness of Mutual Legal Assistance issues and the acquisition of evidence from overseas.  Morgan Rose lawyers have significant experience in dealing with matters in other jurisdictions including in the USA: Washington DC, The states of Florida, California and Delaware and in Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Latvia, Dubai, Monaco, Turkey and Australia.


Intellectual Property Theft
Morgan Rose also specialises in multi-agency fraud investigations concerned with intellectual property theft often led by the BPI and FACT.   We have been instructed in all of the leading UK prosecutions brought during recent years for alleged copyright theft, BitTorrent and file sharing with outstanding results.  Our credibility as defenders has also assisted in some joint investigations not becoming prosecutions against clients.


Confiscation Proceedings

Morgan Rose lawyers have been at the cutting edge of several of the leading cases and appeals brought under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 since its introduction in 2003.   We have successfully defended numerous clients facing the draconian nature of this legislation with excellent results.  Confiscation proceedings must take place if a prosecuting body requests it in any case where a defendant has been convicted by, or is committed for sentence to a Crown Court. 

The law of confiscation has seen significant development and increasingly effective use since its introduction in 2003.  The law requires the court in many cases to assume automatically that the defendant has led a criminal lifestyle and proceed on the basis that his assets and previous income and expenditure over a statutory period of 6 years prior to prosecution are all the proceeds of crime, unless the defendant proves this to be incorrect.   The schedule of (criminal) Lifestyle Offences that trigger such a wide ranging inquiry include not only more obvious serious offending but Intellectual Property offences under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. 

Overcoming the burden for defendant’s demands forensic auditing of personal and where the corporate veil is pierced, business finances and often the gathering of evidence in multiple jurisdictions.  The importance to defendants of having proactive, expert representation at this time is paramount.  At Morgan Rose we guide clients smoothly through the complexities of these proceedings providing access to highly experienced litigators, advocates and expert witness.
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